Do you believe in conspiracies

Recently I read in one daily Israel newspaper that John Kerry, the current Secretary of State, had just discovered that his grandparents were Jews, but I believe he must have known much earlier; even I, who is nobody, know that all my ancestry in the past 300 years have been Christians and were born in Savo or Karelia in Finland. I believe in conspiracies and John Kerry must have known as Madeleine Albright must have known years ago.

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He probably knew - most likely all his life.

No. I’m into prospiracies.

I find conspiracies incredibly dull. You either know something or you don’t.

I believe that Jews in America cover up their Judaism in their efforts to rise in the political and power positions as Madeleine Albright and John Kerry has done. Then when they have achieved something they reveal that they are Jews. There is nothing wrong being a Jew, but one should not be hiding it in order to advance in the society. I am a 300-year old Christian from the northern Europe and there are no Jews, gypsies etc. in my family tree, everybody has been Christian.

Just finished reading a conspiracy theory involving Ukraine. :checkered_flag:

There’s always a but…

Sometimes people cook a conspiracy up out of something else.

Here is a long but well worth it video called “hidden timelines of secret societies”, it’s by ted gunderson and some guy, give it a go, it will most certainly have you wondering to say the least.

At least find the section about the pentagon, it’s a doozy. Apparently when the pentagon was built the point of attack is pin pointed by a line formed by the very large pentagram that forms the streets of washington d.c., and no it’s no accident, they built this pentagram years before the pentagon, when the pentagon was built somebody intentionally lined up the foreknown point of attack with the pentagram.

But be aware, your computer may in fact just shut down for “no reason” while watching things like that.

Seriously, if you watch this ■■■■ you will know there are conspiracies finally, no doubt about it after watching this one.

And yes, it’s a 911 video, just watch it all the way through, you have time.


Yes, the CIA has been involved in these events much earlier, here is one of their old manuals that is quite useful still today: Psychological Operations in Guerilla Warfare.

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Christians who have searched for the truth. Hmm… another interesting “symptom” many of us have in common.

I really feel that sorting and separating people through, by religion is ridiculous. people forget that Jesus was a Jew and through him Christianity was bourne. I dont know what it all really means other than he was a man.
Underneath religion you will find a person not a label or a symbol.
I dont like it when people say Im proud to be a Christian - Jew - Buddhist - or whatevr your religious affiliation may be.
People like to hide behind their religion and like to blend in with the other sheep or flock. Be proud of what you have achieved as a person not of your religious title. Religion is a good way to cover up “sins” and flaws in people - it becomes an excuse at times. It divides more than it unifies

I know I should be silent, shouldn’t comment on a thread I disagree with. I know that anything goes here, but prejudice and racism? Really?

Why hasn’t this thread been deleted?