Do you believe in angles?


I completely believe in angles.

I’ve just seen so many.

5 degrees

15 degrees

172 degrees

I just don’t get how people cannot believe in angles at this point. Can’t you see all of the angles?


a angle saved my life :wink:


Angles have really helped me in my life as well.

Like on this computer, it has alot of 50 degree angles.

I love angles, they really do save people.


my time is endless;)


Your thread on angles is so obtuse. :smile:


what’s your angle on this?


Ah thanks mal, you are so acute.


LOL I was going to leave some sassy comment on here like “Yes, I know there are acute and obtuse ones out there somewhere…watching over us to a certain degree…” and then I read your post.

Still I see angels misspelled as this way too often, hahaha.


Angles can be quantified and I believe in an equilateral pyramid of life.


Everybody has an angle. Everybody wants something for nothing. You just got to figure out where their coming from, what their trip is.


Haha this took me forever to read correctly. I saw belief and my mind read Angels. Lol that’s a pretty good one.