Do you believe in an Afterlife?


I believe in an intelligent designer that has created a machine/computer we call the Universe. As far as do we live one life or reincarnate I’m not sure.


forgive me, but what do you find intelligent in the Universe?.


There is a difference between empathetic man and evolutionary reality. Because someone believes evolution to be factual , it doesn’t mean he/she believes in the law of the jungle as a social strategy. That would be nutz … Lolz


I get the impression, with you that you want to know lots , but you won’t put , the time , effort and energy in to educating yourself. You fall back on sh1t you think is true or factual , guess what? , it isn’t.


well hell thats a different story hahaha :japanese_ogre:


Well sh@t , this is time I and you all will never get back :slight_smile: what a waste . Note to self , keep out of religious threads , they suck as%.


@MrSquirrel , @SzAdmin
Anyway to block just unusual beliefs from the general thread view. Without clicking on each category individually.


whats up with you? (apart from sz that is) lol


I don’t filter threads based on ‘unusual beliefs’ , I need to do that


oh, has this been put under unusual beliefs now? typical lol,

see if there was a spiritual area of the site that would be amazing,

its all about realising your full potential


There’s unusual belief, and there’s the belief that everything you do not agree with is unusual… I see a lot of both here.


:smile: don’t think they’d do that. I know they probably want maximum input for all threads , and being able to filter out a category would not be consistent with that. Anyways what’s going on with you , you still at the college?


The whole issue , is that these threads don’t tend to solve anything. And nobody’s views or actions change because of them. And they cause conflict for no good reason.


yes, and i just started going to a bible study group too, i love it :slight_smile: haha


You mean spiritual threads? Religious threads? Unusual belief threads? Just to clarify… Not trying to argue, just trying to understand.


It would be amazing if it were true.


you never know lol

i like to give the benefit of the doubt, :wink:


Tbh I don’t think religious posts solve much and should be in unusual beliefs. Spiritual posts are better , but how do you pick and choose which are cool and which are not.

Tbh they all tend to kick off so they should be ‘somewhere’


Yeah I agree, that seems to be a problem. And I too, considering this threads replies, think it belongs in the unusual beliefs section.


i’m probably going to get shot down in flames here but i know that there is an afterlife. my grandfather died when i was 6 years old. i wasn’t allowed to see him at the end and i missed him terribly. i was angry about that. then 6 years after he died, i was sitting in the car with my mum. i was in the back, she was parking. suddenly i smelt him…like as fresh as if he’d sat down next to me right there and then. i was very emotional and happy that he;d come to see me and i was in shock too…i’ve remembered that day throughout my life and tried to figure out what it meant. this is the only time i#'ve witnessed my grandfather’s ghost in all my 41 years so i know it was important. i think it was a message, a warning if you will…i don’t understand the warning but right now for reasons to do with the circumstances surrounding that event, i am hyper vigilant…i don’t know why but i have a feeling about it…i could be completely wrong…he could’ve been just saying goodbye but i…dunno…i just have a feeling that it was a warning about something thats going to happen to me this year…let;s hope i survive it…that;s it…so yes i totally believe in an after life.