Do you believe fortune tellers

I do not believe any fortune tellers.


Nope. They lie like the Ouji board.

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what about a prophetess? Like Deborah, she commanded an army of 10,000 men and there were songs written about her (she was more like moral support though) but she was highly respected and held in the highest authority which is amazing in a time where men dominated everything. (i was at a study group last night)

it is written that she was commanded by God, she must have been a true prophetess much like a fortune teller only a million times better.

yes you’re right.

No. But I’ve been to a few in my life. I just went for the fun aspect.

Went to fortune teller once at age 22, she kept working on the principle of my having had a relationship which at the time I had no such thing. She was just wrong with everything she said and she charged me £20

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I believe in fortune tellers like I believe in psychics, Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, and Donald Trump.
Which is not at all…

Same… that ■■■■ is a pile of crock excriment

I believe in fortune tellers.

Maybe she was just schizophrenic or had temporal lobe epilepsy?

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I’ve gone to a fortune teller once, she guessed a lot of names and told me I’m gonna have three kids. Well I don’t think that’s gonna happen. But my brother went to one and it was better.

I would like to see a psychic to see if they’re real. The rational side of me says its ■■■■■■■■. But I have past memories of lives that I believe are true so maybe someone has abilities like me. But then again I have schizophrenia.

no, she held court and was held in the highest authority, whatever she said always came to fruition, it was prophetic, people of the land at that time all went to her for advice, she went with a man called baroc into battle because he was scared and needed her there with him, he won the battle because of her support because without her he would have been too weak, there is about a page and a half of song about the battle.

I was a Fortune Teller/Psychic but the whole thing was that I was Delusional - made some good money doing this for a while.

The funny part was that I was very Accurate with my readings - I also used the Tarot Cards.


My Sis is one for Tarot Cards…

Carl Jung used them as a way to get people to see things differently… he sort of wove them into his psychology.

The cards presented the theater for people to start opening up and looking at what was really bothering them.

As far as fortune tellers… I do enjoy the show and the patter… do I believe them? NO… but it’s fun to watch.

I can’t do it too much… I’m still fighting off the problem of thinking I can predict the future.


maybe. I will see as one predicted something major before my birthday this year. about two months from now.
this was predicted several years ago and so far I am hoping its true

Fortune tellers are ripoff artists and prophets are undiagnosed schizophrenics.