Do you believe "Care for the stranger as for one of your own."?

Inspire! Make them question why they can overcome themselves, and if they should grow.


That care for others made me ill.
I thought for the good of strangers and ruined my life.

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What kind of care were you doing that it was unappreciated?

So I took care of other people’s health and happiness and neglected mine.

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Oh. It is not selfish to give care to yourself. It is being responsible.

I try to be kind. Open doors etc but with covid that’s kind of frowned on and it’s hard to see a smile with a mask on.


@FatMama, when I was out there giving out cvs in shops the sales assistants were forcing huge grins so that their eyes squinted more. It was so I know that they are smiling with masks on


I like the saying “you made your bed now you gotta lay in it”


That’s why life is so messed up lol

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@Yuki I know what you mean. I have been burned out before trying to help people, and not taking care of myself properly at the time. Definitely to be avoided

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I always come first. Always have. Always will. I think :thinking:

I believe that people who need help should get it. The best way to help Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy is to lock them up so they can’t kill more people. Also, there are questions of enabling. You don’t want to enable addictions or other pathological behavior. But people who need food and shelter should get it.