Do you always need more meds when going through psychosis?

If you have Sz or SzA… I wondered if you always need meds when you go through episodes of psychosis or do they sometimes resolve like ebbs and flows which get worse but eventually get better?

I am a little confused. Probably overthinking.

I recently had a few weeks where delusions got worse and then really bad. Was terrified for days at one point . A lot of visual hallucinations, tactile, and intrusive visions. But these have all begun getting better through time without med increases. With a lot of support from my nurse and hubby. I am still having them but not as bad at all. And my thinking is getting better.

The reason I am asking is because I was diagnosed with bipolar, schizotypal, and anxiety a couple of years ago. But my nurse has said things like ,‘thats what happens with schizoaffective’ a few times (and things like that about schizoaffective) a few times. I once confronted her and she said not to focus on diagnosis and I don’t necessarily have that. But again said it just recently. A lot of symptoms don’t match my past previous diagnosis so i don’t know what to think.

Sorry this is long. If you could answer my question that would be appreciated.

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I have good patches and bad patches. Last month was a horror show for me. But this month is fine. I did think I’d need something like a benzo at one point.

If your bad days are frequent or severe then it might be time for your doctor to tweak your meds though.

Edit: some people have a PRN that they take when things get rough.


I don’t know how much meds they give me at the hospital but I feel that its a lot.


@everhopeful, you just answered my question on another thread: Am I relapsing?

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My psychosis ebbs and flows too. When I have a bad day I take extra 100mg amisulpride (I usually take 200mg minimum dose) I have sza.

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I think therapy and self help type reading can be useful too. I go through ebbs and flows of psychosis. Stress gets bad and things start acting up. If I get a little delusional I check my brain and consult my resources to help ground myself. My doctor doesn’t like to mess with my meds too much. Every once in a great while my Psychiatrist may adjust something, but not the dose of my AP.

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Yes I think it is. I have sza and my episodes of voices, depression, moods and paranoia fluctuate. The things that stay the same though, are delusions and avolition (lack of motivation)

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@EarthChild Thanks. Yeah same …my beliefs always stay with me but not always unbearable. I often have visual things and always have intrusive images no matter when - always stay. Unfortunately my motivation is horrible and always a topic of discussion. and my functioning dropped a lot and my self care isn’t great. But not saying that I have SzA. But those are like Sz but I once read that people with bipolar can get those negative symptoms.

Bipolars don’t get “negative symptoms”. But they do get depressive symptoms which look alot like negative symptoms. Only a pdoc can sort it all out.

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@SkinnyMe Thank you
I just read once that bipolar do in rare circumstances. I know that isn’t the norm. My nurse is working for and under my pdoc direction so whatever support she offers or what she says is in consultation with him. I trust them both very much. I just trying to make sense of it all.

Thanks all. I guess I’m not the only one who gets through bad weeks without med changes and that doesn’t rule out SzA. She might be just mixing up the words when she says SzA and mean my schizotypal. Either way it’s good to have people here to talk to

I don’t know. I experience psychosis every day but I don’t add meds every day. (in other words not always.)

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