Do you also aspire to be like God?

This is a beautiful piece. Notice the list of the some of the great who have lived among us. I hope I’m not alone in this quest. It’s not quite easy at all, but I consider it the highest human attainment there is. Ultimately, all humans aspire for some kind of moral sense of being don’t we? Whether we believe that we work to help only immediate friends and family (or even our own survival), this sense of morality is certainly there. Perhaps it just needs some fine tempering?

At the least I hope some might find this inspiring to them in some way. There are number of topics that branch off from this specific article so be aware that you may be drawn away from it without realizing it.

Socrates - “The end of life is to be like God, and the soul following God will be like Him.”

Been there done that, I’m god.

So you were taken in by an exalted higher sense of being that transcends normal consciousness?

I was just joking, I think it’s a ficticious character, and an unattainable goal. But there are a lot of “spiritual paths” out there for those that want to become divinities, if you believe in that sort of thing. - The Author of this piece.

He certainly doesn’t seem like a raging lunatic who needs medication does he?

Well I wouldn’t say I believe in anything.

Yeah, just be careful with this sort of thing. Can be a mouse trap for delusions of grandeur.

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I tend to think of humans as god modules. Sort of like the spiritual equivalent to being all the cells that compose a brain, with each human being a ‘cell’. And yes, some of them are cancerous.

My second theory entertained is that humans are the abandoned remnants of a bioengineering experiment.

And no, he certainly does not seem like a raging lunatic who needs medication. He seems like someone who spends a lot of time trying to figure things out, and that webpage you linked shows his present work in progress theory.

I can dig some of it. I overdosed when I was 19 and what I experienced, was that I died, had a conversation with something sentient, but the conversation did not involve any words, yet was still a pretty clear conversation, very hard to explain, and then I was sent back. What actually happened? I don’t know, but that is what I experienced. So I feel him on a couple of his ideas.

Oh yeah, I know. But the depth of the article and the entirety of the website can’t be based on this article alone. It takes several readings of each section of the website to fully understand these ideas.

— But at the same time that title of delusions of grandeur is just a westernized term that tries to straitjacket anyone who goes against the accepted norm, in my opinion. A clever trap from the mongrels who want to push the drug industry further and dehumanize us into believing humans are just naturally greedy. It also crafts “mental illnesses” out of the blue to concoct these drugs so that they can throw people into loops of despair and self-defeat and make them dependent on medication (without them realizing it). — [/rant]

Although that is also what the Author warns against is wasting “psychic energy” on self-importance.

I have to disagree with your rant man…

I suffered from delusions of grandeur, still do, and it sucks. Not because of social conditioning, in fact there’s a niche for this sort of thinking in the new age agenda that fits christians agenda very well indeed. But because I’m not god, and I don’t even believe that sort of character exists, although all my experiences and deluded thinking believes it does. For me it’s a struggle, and I don’t read this sort of articles because it’s extremelly triggering.

Instead of wanting to become god, I want to be the best human I can possibly be, that’s an attainable goal you know? Divinity is overrated, and if you really think about it, it’s only because you don’t feel comfortable in your own skin and want to become someone else so you don’t feel your own pains. But they’re your pains, its what makes you fight and build your future, and you’re a good human too.

Whoa. Sorry. It’s titled like God. Just aspiring to those ideas of it is all.

And yeah nothing wrong with what you’re saying.

Well, being like God, assuming he/she is all knowing, all forgiving and all powerful, you have to be a pretty sadistic person to live with yourself giving all the ■■■■ that is happening in the world and still think its okay. Assuming he/she has human like features of course.

Does it have to be the Abrahamic god? Because that just seemed like a case study of NPD way before its time.

The concept of being morally infallible is an interesting concept, though, to try to ponder, given how insanely complex morality can be sometimes. So maybe we could just call it something other than “God” and then it would be easier to ponder and discuss something like that?

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The article isn’t professing that there is a Deity per se.

Cool your jets. I wonder if people assume I’m a Christian or something? -_-

Yeah I think a lot of people might, that is what I was trying to get at. A lot of people automatically think of the Abrahamic god when they see/hear “God”. And I think that just totally wrecks the whole conversation from square one once those emotions activate, if people have had bad experiences. So it would probably help a lot if the concept itself was named.

I’m not assuming anything… when I think of god I think of a creature that is far beyond our human comprehension. Probably lacks the human values of morals too, that’s our business.

Geez. I didn’t want anyone to get upset about this. If you’re upset about the word then just look away.

Oh no, I’m not upset at all! Sorry if I came out like that, not meant to

Well, I totally get it if people do.

My brother has much less an ear for me these days because he assumes that I’m like so and so camps because I speak of their ideas.

Some African tribes believe god to be nature, like colors and trees and animals and humans. It’s much more pleasing that way, we’re already god in that sense.

Again, be careful with these ideas, they’re not healthy at all when pushed too far.