Do y'all have this problem?

Do y’all have trouble with staying clean… like showering?

Hello!yes I have the same problem but I try to shower 3-4 times per week

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@Mary2 sometimes I don’t even remember when I last shower… the only way i know my hair is bad is my is how oily it is

I find because my work makes me dirty I have to everyday during the week.

Sometimes I don’t do it until late before bed.

At weekends I tend to be unable to do this.


Yes i’m often loathe to shower. But i try to get in at least every 3rd day.

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Sometimes I take a bath and don’t use soap.

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I try to wash at least every 3 days unless I get especially gross and need to shower more. I start to get really bad tactile hallucinations if I don’t stay clean

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No problem showering. But I have a problem staying clean. As in drugs.

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Wouw!my family remember me when I have to shower but I really don’t like the water since I have sz