Do women know about shrinkage?


Only When Their Waist Line Grows LOL! In fact that’s a good reason for over eating, sort of a plan trimming of the parade of “pop-a-rot-sees”.

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The penis doesnt actually “shrink”. Usually its fat men with a percieved small cock cos the fat has just built up around the pubis area - making it less visible, In a woman you would call it a “gunt”. (google it, offensive here).

Naww, it shrinks in cold water. I’ve gone swimming in the ocean enough to know this for myself.


Up down up down hot and cold who can measure unless it’s been about 3 months in boy after that

The ones who have or currently manage inventory sure do.

I agree. It’s not fat men. It’s all men. When you hit cold water your ball shrivel up like a bulldogs wrinkly skin. And your dick gets tiny

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Lol, reminds me of when I shot a cold water hose down my husbands swim trunks. He said he thought things were gone for good.


“Oh, look, I have a second navel!”


Lol! Definitely.

In that picture she looks like she just opened the x-mass present she had been waiting for all her life to see.

By the way, why do ‘they’ take every opportunity to show George’s bald spot?

I think they are trying to make the ‘perfect’ pill for that ‘disorder’ as well … :wink:

Women in both financial & managerial accounting should have learned about "shrinkage "in inventory. Shrinkage is the loss of finished goods due to theft from internal employees or damage to finished goods while in inventory due to transport or some other reason. There is a financial account in the accounting books to accommodate the shrinkage loss.

Invega is like extra scientifically improved cold water for the willy

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