Do we look crazy?

Just wondering if I look crazy. I start my new job tomorrow and I’m thinking I do. Darn!


Good luck with the new job.


I have some tell tale signs, my eyebrows and my eyes can act strange


Lol I don’t know if we look crazy but my own mum said it’s noticeable that something is wrong with me but only if you talk to me or see me for a longer time like a five minute talk…or dinner aaaaa

I think I had chemistry with a man the other day and I never usually have chemistry with anyone or it’s happened very few timed in my life.

My mom says she can always tell when I’m in psychosis because I get this far away look in my eyes. I’m not really sure what that means though.

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I was also told some physical sign on me looks weird but I can not remember what.

Yes good luck with the new job.

Good luck tomorrow!

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A few people have told me that I “shake” noticeably. But, I don’t notice it. Or, rather, I didn’t ever notice it until recently when I started to shake visibly from T.D. But I only notice that when I do my hair.

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I get weird looks occasionally. 9 times out of 10 it is someone who looks pretty weird themselves.


My parents and wife tell me that they can see a physical change in my face when I am hallucinating. That my eyes are different and it’s noticeable.

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I don’t think i look crazy, but that’s probably because i’m stabilised with my medication. Good luck in your new job by the way. Hope you have a great time.

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Most folk don’t know. Even heavily psychotic I went back to a large workplace and most folk didn’t care or notice. I think if your talking a lot of out there stuff if you know it’s not hard to spot. Average person probably just think your on drugs or the drink!


I was sitting waiting for my CPN at the place I go to when a girl came out of one of the doors, you could tell she had sz from the way she was acting, she almost looked scared.

Good luck time. I quit ciggs 2 days ago. How do you manage?

Anyway nobody think I look crazy, not even the crazy people. I for instance can Teel if a person is sz from distance but only the hardcore cases.

Just got my shot today, I feel good

My mom tells me I have a far away look when I’m not doing so well.

I get stares when I’m laughing at something the voices told me. I try to control it out in public as much as possible, but sometimes things slip through. Now I wear earbuds, like I’m listening to music, and if it happens, and people are looking at me, I just point to my earbuds, like I heard something funny and laughed about it. Plus, listening to music is one of my coping methods anyways for dealing with voices.

Some good coping techniques in this article right here…

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Yeah I recently realized I look crazy.

You can see the depression/sadness in my face. And the traces of psychosis in my eyes.


I become noticeably different when I am manic or depressed. You can tell just by looking at me that I either have that wide-eyed excited look and excessive energy or I am more blank-faced and withdrawn. I probably feel crazier than I look though.

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