Do We Just Want to be.... Numb?

I feel smothered and encumbered and defeated and drawn
Disappointed, over-extended and frustrated and shaken
This over-giving , over-loving, this care taking goes on
With no chance of intermission.
I’ll be checked out, I’ll be gone

Have to remove myself from sensation

Here comes the feeling
I run from the feeling and reach for the drug
Can’t sit with this feeling
I’d rather be flying and comfortably numb…

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numb and rather dumb…

Im a big Alanis fan as well

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The woman has had eyes, ears and sense of her self since she was a kid… in no small part because her parents (Al & Georgia) were educators and were so hip to what really works in child development. She read like a fiend, saw that the musical direction she was headed in as a younger teen was NOT where she wanted to go, blew off a “sure thing,” took a “sabbatical” at 15, came to LA at 17 (working with a small posse of coaches and teachers), and gave the world the biggest selling album ever recorded by a female at 20, as well as heaps of insight and wisdom carried back from India and Nepal ever since. She has been one of my most revered and truly life-changing “instructors” for almost 20 years.

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