Do we have a disconnect between our suffering and trials and the rest of humanity's?

What are your thoughts? Even the “beautiful people” go through ■■■■. That said, our suffering is a unique kind of suffering to the extreme. Still, life isn’t a cake walk for most people. At the same time though, you could say the average person has a disconnect between their kind of problems and our kind of problems, since many of us are not working full time building careers.

Or raising families.

Don’t know which suffering is worse but they don’t seem to be compatible. Or even comparable in my opinion.

It’s either your worldview or identity being constantly ■■■■■■ with in sz.

They have stable minds but a helluva lot of pressure and responsibility.

They get to relax when they have downtime.

We are constantly trying to relax and still fail at that.

Their good moments are probably brighter.


I think I would rather suffer the way I do just to feel more in touch with a larger percentage of the peoples of the world. We don’t feel their pain but we are akin to there troubles because of our own.

So called “normal” people have as many problems as us or more. They just have a higher class of problems, if you know what I mean. I.e. paying the mortgage, keeping the powerful job, keeping the corvette in running order, finding a reliable person to clean their house and they’re swimming pool, finding money to take a vacation in Europe. Yes, there’s a disconnect, they can’t relate to our problems because they’ve never experienced it and know nothing about it. Our problems are under the radar of society.

I’m writing something like this for my thesis now. These are issues you cannot focus on and worry too much about if you want to live a normal life. Issues that are supposed to be taken for granted. In my experience of it, they form very much the main themes of schizophrenic experience. In that sense our problems are of a different category. It is the frame in which a normal life takes place that becomes problematical, rather than some contingencies inside it. Some more mundane experiences like a mid-life crisis may be somewhat comparable, but even that takes place within a stable conception of reality. Then again I don’t think others need to have had similar experiences to relate to us. Everyone is familiar with having a hard time and that can be sufficient for sympathy.

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I sometimes worry that Im a little autistic, and that my life is disconnected from the outside real world. On the other hand, I believe that even my psychosis can be understood if people were willing to make an effort.