Do we go bald because of stress?

I’m noticing a little difference I’m only 19 I don’t wanna lose my hair in my 20s will schizophrenia have an effect on this

I really don’t know, but I would think hair loss is mostly genetic. That said, it seems to me that stress is bad for everything, so it may be a contributing factor.


Sensitivity to Androgens and Alopecia probably plays a protective role against schizophrenia, and if Alopecia rate exceeds the rate of grade 2 Hamilton, the risk of schizophrenia decreases 8.62 times.

No, we go bald because of rouge barbers who have grudges against us. Every time that someone with schizophrenia goes in for a haircut, Edward Scissorhands long lost cousin can not control himself and he shaves every hair off of our heads just like his instincts tell him to.

There might be a slight possibility that I’m wrong. Just a slight one though.


Thank you.

Could you provide the conclusion in layman’s terms?

I’m interpreting the conclusion to say that there may be an inverse correlation between Alopecia and risk of schizophrenia.

@77nick77 That is the reason I have not had a haircut since 1997. lol

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I would say that is what they are saying. A grade 3 Hamilton or above decreases the risk 8.62 times.

Also known as the Norwood Hamilton scale.

I’m not bald, I’m follically challenged

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Since women can’t go bald we just go grey way too early because of stress.
My grandmother had a widows peak. Ach. I got that part too. :joy::scream:

Thank you.

The graphic is very helpful.

Again, thanks for taking the time to help me understand the conclusion.

No we go stress because of bald.

Woman can’t go bald?..

No they go wig or hairpiece

My dad went bald really early, his hairline is so far back. It’s always been that way, ever since he was a child. My little brother inherited it, his hairline is really far back and he’s only 11. He just started middle school and the older kids call him “Hairline” just to be mean.

well woman can go bald if they get chemo.
But you can get wigs and then I guess you learn that losing hair means little really compared to life.

A person’s personality means more then hair.
You can have chest fur or beards or none of the above.
I think it really doesn’t matter to a good woman.
If they are all about appearance only, you’re better off without them.