Do voices want to drive you crazy?

They make different kinds of hallucination other than auditory hallucination including visual hallucination to make me see life illogic and drive me crazy
What should I do in that case :large_blue_diamond::large_blue_diamond::small_red_triangle_down::small_red_triangle_down::grey_exclamation::grey_exclamation:
Days ago they did that with me until I decided to ignore all the illogic things until that resolved and I see the real life
I was very tired from the illogic stuff :curly_loop::curly_loop::wavy_dash::wavy_dash:

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I figure the voice logic is your subconscience manifest as various personalities, as seen through a chronically stressed out lens. It’s very negative and pushes you down.

Also, you can’t argue the stress away, you have to fix the cause, something physiological.

I believe it’s blood-brain barrier damage causing chronic brain inflammation.

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More than crazy, they make me kill myself.

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They make me feel crazy all the time to it shouldn’t be where their able to do this it should only be voices but they give me fealings to

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