Do voices rule you?

Do voices rule you?

As I 've said before, I can’t hear my voices. They are like thoughts which I don’t believe they are mine. And they rule me, yes, as far as I consider, they are OCD thoughts that come to my mind cyclically.

Yesterday I was carrying luggage on my back because I am training to go back backpacking/camping this summer and I have got giant backpack in the mail yet. I told my friend I would walk her dogs for her and she has place in the wealthy part of the city. So I thought I would kill two birds with one stone. I guess I looked kind of transient with the carpet bag strapped over each shoulder with 50 pounds of goods in it. Anyways people were awful to me. So I asked a voice I believe is God why when I’m fashionable people act normal but when I’m not they treat me like dirt. He said “Look on the bright side. When I start sending people to hell it won’t hurt so bad”. So I prayed for them and felt better.

So the answer for me is yes unless its coming from my left ear. Then I ignore it.

Birdman hears voices.

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I’d have a conversation with myself if I could still switch off like that, medication has it but so does self control I guess, I miss the creative bliss of unconstrained freedom and mania that can be like an ocean and I can still keep above the tides because I’m swimming in it currently, but it never really worked like that. I was too hypersensitive but I can control reality and make the world change somehow.

I envy being able to control things like that. If I didn’t have such scary delusions/hallucinations I would never take meds again. I feel so free and healthy off them.

Well I take medication. I can still be in touch with God and divinity, but nothing can take that away.

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Being close to God has nothing to do with being on medication or not. As for me I try really hard not to let the voices control me.

no, though they do irritate me sometimes. i can still write poetry and stuff like that so it’s ok for now. ■■■■ the voices. they are wankers anyway. just splinters of your own mind turned against you. voices cannot hurt you, therefore you do not have to do what they say, at all. i mean what are they going to do if you don’t do what they say? talk to you a bit more??? well hell they do that anyway right? stuff 'em. just tell them where to go. i do. so ok they don’t go away but it makes me feel better, then just ignore them. they are afterall only voices and the CANNOT harm you. so follow your dreams and try and ignore the negative words you hear. it’s just an integration disorder is all.

my master does…
" what is your bidding my master ? "
take care :alien:

The one thing I say very often to them is “Become Yourself Only” I am myself and will always be myself, I am in control of myself and they will become themselves inside themselves to become themselves only once again.


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