Do u romanticise the time wen you had delusions?

I make my delusional time out to be a big spiritual breakthrough/experience in my head. But part of me knows it’s not real

I somewhat do, I felt much more important. I had delusions of grandeur so I felt my importance was cosmic. I thought I had romantic love and that all my wildest fantasies would come true. I just remember how terribly dysfunctional and delusional I was and it typically erodes much of the positive feeling of the memory. I can definitely differentiate those experiences as delusional so I suppose I’m lucky in that regard. I only get delusional when I’m full manic. But I do get remarkably disconnected with reality and experience a bit of hallucinations

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No, I prefer sanity over delusions.

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I romanticize the person I am delusional about when it is just some random guy from college.


I see things pinker then their are, especially the time I used to get high

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I romanticize my pre-schizophrenic days. I’ll get back to that state, just have a lot of healing to do.


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