Do u have stray dogs and cats in the city u live?

As the title says i wonder if u have stray cats and dogs in your city.
here in athens greece we have many stray cats and dogs.

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We have tons of stray cats downtown in the city where I live. There are 5 regulars coming through my yard on a regular basis right now. I shouldn’t feed them, but I do. That’s how I ended up with 6 cats of my own. :grimacing:

Don’t know about stray dogs though. I don’t really see many of those.

I think most cities do. There are always scum owners who abandon their animals or refuse to get their pets spayed. People who breed animals in unsanitary conditions. It was due to this that pet stores in oz banned the selling of most animals. Stops people impulse buying.

6 cats ? wow where are u from if i may ask ?

Yeah it’s a lot. My house is drowning in cat hair.

I live in the US.

i went in Dublin and i saw none.

Really? I wonder if they hide more due to the cold weather. Or maybe Ireland has better management programmes than other countries. Interesting for sure. I know there are definitely feral cats and dogs around where I live. You don’t see them but I’ve heard from people who trap them that they are there.

we need someone from ireland to explain us why not cats and dogs at dublin.
weather was 14 c.

We have stray cats in my neighborhood, but no stray dogs that I’ve seen.

I feed 4 stay cats outside in my backyard.They rarely leave. My neighbors hate me, but I don’t care, I feed them anyway.
Many stray cat colonies have been disappearing lately.
Dogs seem to get away from their owners every day.

I saw a scraggly old ginger cat the other day it was eating chicken bones thrown out in the trash
I went to the shop and got some dried kitty treats and threw them on the floor and he ate them

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Yes many both cats & dogs :cat: :dog:

We don’t have stray dogs or cats here, either.
Dogs and cats are able to live outside in this temperature. We have wild cats and wolves.

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In my country there’s plenty of stray animals walking all over it’s like a zoo

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But it’s not worse than india

I see a stray cat in my city once in a great while :cat2: Not many dogs though. We have a lot of really awesome animal shelters who help out the strays with helping them find homes and stuff.

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