Do u guys know which country provides highest disability money to its country man

I am unable to cook my food my parents cook food for me …i am totally bed ridden…

What meds are you on @far_cry0


I am on rispridal 4mg every night…i dont have positive symptoms … only have negative and cognitive they are as bad as everything under the sun …so pissed up…

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I can tell you that Canada treats its seniors very poorly. We need to be turning away economic migrants who are trying to come into Canada in violation of our immigration rules and put those resources into older citizens who have spent their entire lives supporting this country and who are now being ignored by it. It’s a national tragedy.


I live in Canada and I don’t know how much it is actually but before 2013 it was a little more than 900$ a month.

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That is alot of cash. Wish I lived in canada


That’s because you’re not aware of our cost of living. Here’s what Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) pays in Alberta:

I used to be on this back when it paid about half, 20 years or more ago. So, you’re making $1588 month. Great. Expect to pay $1000/mth rent. Expect to pay $350/mth utilities on average (not including Net/cable). Expect to pay $500/mth or more on groceries. You’ll also need clothing. Transportation.

Oh boy, not so much now, is it?


U guys have living cost higher in ur country …we have very less living cost 100$ for 1 month rent…50$ for groceries…so less living cost here in nepal …with no benifits…

TANSTAAFL - There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.

If a bar is offering a free lunch expect the drinks to cost twice as much.

A country with “free” health care and generous benefits hides the cost of those in everything else. Those Canadians who live near the border do as much shopping as they can in the U.S. They save over 50% on most of their purchases. That’s because Americans have to purchase their health coverage separately and it is not woven into the cost of everything in their economy like it is in Canada.

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Lol u clearly don’t understand the situation in my country…

Here my expenses and the ’ disability ’ pay.

Rent - 700 dollars
Food- 250 dollars
Utilities- 150 dollars
Transport and the rest - 100 dollars…

The disability allowance is 100 dollar big guy…

That would entail living in a shack with not enough money for food or anything else…

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Hm. Sounds like a lot of our senior citizens in Canada.

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Good one lol …

@Magicfish how do u maintain ur expenses do u work …???

I do yes…

My government is a joke, if I didn’t work I would be homeless. I’ve pushed myself forward and got a good thing going. Sometimes I slip and go offbeat but i always come back and do the best I can.

Meds are my god. Being leveled out with meds puts me in the normal playing field and that’s all I need to succeed…

It hasn’t been easy but it’s by all means doable…


Are u on full time job…magic …who do u live with …???

I live with my parents … they love me and cover all the expenses …!!!

Out of my £1160 monthly benefits my outgoings (gas, electric, water etc are £215 a month. My rent is paid in ful by government. So the rest is mine although social services looks after my money because when I was manic last year I spend £12.000 in 11 days and have nothing to show for it.

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@bobbilly How much do u save in a month …!!!

Roughly £600 but sometimes more sometimes less but I have to spend it if I save more than £6000 because my benefits will reduce. I normally pay for myself and support staff to travel aboard each year for two weeks.

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Support staff cost me £2000 just for there wages for two weeks plus the holiday cost.