Do u get a shot of adrenaline when u create a new topic?

I do. I don’t know why maybe it’s becus I’m finally attempting to socialise, or maybe it’s anxiety. It’s a similar feeling I used to get from drinking coffee.


Not a bad thing! Always good to read people’s opinions.

I know for me I’d obsess about certain topics. I’d worry if they were censored or commented upon.

That was a long time ago. I just post what I post these days. Sometimes it hits sometimes it don’t. I actually had a post flagged the other day. I thought it was pretty tame but I realize some folks have problems with things…It’s all good!

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I worry if people will judge me for the topic I post as well. I don’t like to flag posts.

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I rarely flag posts myself but sometimes you have too!

It’s hard sometimes. Our minds aren’t the best for dealing with things and it can add up to problems. I’m glad the obsessive part of my mind is better now after years on the meds. It makes it pretty easy to come here without taking it all too seriously which I’ve done in the past!

That sounds like a good state of mind to be in. I tend to obsess over these things a bit too much.

Yeah it’s common. Don’t be afraid to post! You’ll find some kindred souls on most issues! Be sure to add your support to others too. It’s good to pay back when your doing well to those who aren’t doing well! I’d like to think some karma exists in the scheme of things…but you have nothing to lose from just being nice!

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Yeah that’s true about being nice. So far I hav found so many posts on here that I can really relate too, it’s different then in the real world in that way. I find it hard to show support because I’m not sure how to show it.

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