Do u face your triggers?

Now that u on aps.

Do your triggers still give u paranoia etc when u deal with them.

Do u avoid them or face them?? Do your trigger places still give u triggers or are u fine to face them on aps??

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I dont believe in triggers exist think we get paranoid and psychotic and then blame it on triggers but dont think its anything in the environment around us that causes it.

It depends…

Some i face. Some i avoid, because i know i will get psychotic if i push through and will remember them forever. Also, because i genuinely doubt whether i am doing something bad when i do them.

Some triggers I have to face and some I can and should probably avoid. I can’t help seeing certain people or being in certain situations but I can avoid looking at new age spiritual stuff and conspiracy theories on the internet.

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The other day my sister was watching something strange on the tv. I felt like it was triggering me so I put my headphones on to tune it out. I’m currently stable on aps and still felt triggered but it was easy to avoid. So yes I still avoid.

Even with APs I don’t think reading conspiracy theories and watching the videos is a good thing.

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Yea bit do u think your triggers might not exist if u on aps

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Or are we doomed

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I run away of triggers…but than i don’t live so i have to face them, i guess. But when the triggers catch me, like an argument with someone, i fall, it puts me down.

I think all people (except perhaps psychopaths) have things that are fearful or triggering to them. My response is just more pronounced.

For me, there is a dose of AP on which i indeed am rarely triggered…unfortunately it is a dose where im also never touched by anything beauiful or loving or sad. Im just empty.

I personally chose to put up with (a certain amount of) triggers, to leave intact the positive “triggers” as well. It is a balancing act.

Dont know how to express myself, hope you understand.

I think it depends on the person.

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