Do u believe

Do you believe in miracles?
None happened yet for me


I do not believe in miracles either, maybe coincidences.

No. I’ve never seen one. I like to blame bad things on God, though. He’s big enough to take it.

I believe in miracles, and I believe all the intricacies of life are too complex to fully understand. Miracles happen, but certainly not for everyone or in the form we might expect. I think sometimes each day is a miracle just to exist.

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I think it’s a miracle that I am alive today and doing as well as I am…

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I’ve seen one, though I don’t know which divine entity is responsible for it. I live with this little miracle now. Her mother commited suicide at 7 months pregnant, and her mother was dead for 30 minutes before being found and it was another 25 minutes before she was removed via post-mortem C-section. Yet she only has a small amount of brain damage. She may have slight developmental delays later in life, but is otherwise healthy and normal!