Do today's football/soccer players lack character?

So many of them want to go to a top team that’s already doing well ie league winners/in the Champions league ,rather than go to a team and play a part in really improving it. It seems to me a lot of them don’t really like a challenge.

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It’s the same way in basketball for sure here in the USA. I’ve seen players in baseball ie manny machado and football ie leveon bell go to losing teams trying to turn it around. It might be most about the money, but in nba it’s always about beating the warriors. Or beating Lebron. Depends what side you’re on.

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I just assume the players across all the pro sports just want to get paid as much as possible. lots of times that means going to the biggest or most successful franchises with the most money. winning is just a bonus. I think todays player values their money more than winning. If you pay them enough they will probably stay with a loser.

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The new collective bargaining agreement in nba has really benefited the players in terms of salary and they have max contracts, causing them to chase winning more than money.

I mean in baseball you look at cano and machado, others. Probably in it for the money.

These football players careers are so short it’s all gotta be about money!! Right?!?! A lot of people wouldn’t play football unless they paid you out the arse like a QB.

None of the nba players stay with the bad teams it seems. They all make super teams and they can get 4 max contracts on one team.

The nets may get Irving and Anthony Davis???

There is a little incentive to stay with your team salary wise but I think they’d rather play in a cool city and win then get paid a few million more to play in Charlotte, or New Orleans. Small market teams.

Russell Westbrook is a loyal exception. But after KD left he couldn’t leave too!!

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good points. 1515

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