Do they not know people like me exist?

What the heck???

Okay. Extremely angry. Please hear me.

I went to a counseling session today, which was great. I had a really good session. But I was trying to access the washroom, and it was located on the second floor without an elevator.

And so do they not understand people like me??

I literally ruined my knees to go to the washroom. I almost fell. The legs were so stiff and they wouldn’t listen. This ruined my entire day. I seriously hated this. And somehow it’s my fault.

What the heck. So I don’t have basic rights???

I mean, why would they do that? What??

Urgh sorry for venting. I was so upset the entire fricken day. Oh my goodness.

They should have a handicapped accessible entrance. I thought it was illegal not to have handicapped ramps or elevators.

I know. They have rails but no elevators.

I was so angry. My mom was even more angry.
We were pissed off.

It must have been an old less expensive building. Remember that for next time. It was such a good session, don’t let that total inconvenience ruin it. That was your silver lining. That joy was your strength to get through. A restroom on the 2nd floor is dumb.
Have you done any permanent damage to your legs?

Possibly phone the mayor or govt head in your area to make a complaint. I’m pretty sure it’s not legal to have no accessibility.


It defintely is illegal to have public welfare buildings like that, but I’m not classified as disabled as of yet- my parents don’t want to register me (and I want to study abroad so I decided not to). So technically it wouldn’t work.

I just feel absolutely helpless.

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I have a genetic disorder called titinopathy (or muscular dystrophy).

My muscles just deteriorate as time goes on and it’s often really stiff. So stairs are seriously so horrible to me.

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