Do they ever

Do the voices ever tell you that you dont deserve happiness? Aaron and Philip are saying things like that to me and I’m really upset but it started after my mother in law started helping to make pizza roll ups.


Yes a lot, sometimes they make me feel like whatever I will do it isn’t worth it. Because they like to make me feel down and worthless. At my classes they make me feel like I’m wasting my time. Yet with meds I got better and able to pay more attention to the classes.
Good luck anyway :neutral_face:


Yeah the demons would try to tell me all kinds of nasty things about myself. It took me years but eventually I learned to ignore them.


They constantly say I’m nothing, because they don’t want me in their way.

I believe that my voices are separate beings, but I also believe they respond to the emotions that I emote. After I’ve called them out on it, they admitted that they don’t actually think the things they say. The are just responding to your emotions. Have you tried confronting them?


A bit mostly Devon he tells me to hurt myself but its Aaron who use to make me want too.

What do you mean? You’ve confronted them a bit?

The voices tell me this almost all the time and I feel disgusted and offended that these voices are saying things like this, when they are near me.

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All the time - especially right now, @cbbrown. It’s getting to be too much.

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They do. Then one day it changed into you don’t have to die, you just have to try it.
How nice of them.

just have to try to kill yourself you don’t have to die

I dont always confront them. Sometimes they scare me or if I’m feeling really low already they push me further.

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