Do these diagnoses actually mean much?

Being in contact with others who’re needing the support must help you in some way though?

Only one time out of a dozen in hospital visits did I find the community spirit with the other people there to help make things easier by being able to relate to each other.

This site is great, but I have no peers IRL.

I tried the local mind clubhouse, but then Covid happened…

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This is true.

I asked my care coordinator how many people he looks after, and the answer was about 60…

I do like the support but the people here can be difficult to live with.

I can alway get in touch with my community nurse, if not his team which is a small team called the community learning disability team. If I become unwell I will see my pdoc within 3 days without waiting. It is a good team. And because I’ve been sectioned 13 times under a section 3 I don’t have to pay for support services. The downside I don’t have any control over my life. No control over my finances or where I live or who I live with or whose supports me. The people I live with are high needs people with big packages. The care comply only care about the big support pacakages.

We have people with ASD who are supported by the care company who are on the higher functioning spectrum and they get like 10 hours one-to-one supported funded by social services but they have to hand over all there PIP Care allowance to self fund most of their care. I know one person who has to pay social services £412 a 4/weekly month out his PIP.

That’s unbelievable I cannot tell you how angry that makes me

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I always viewed diagnosis as a starting place from which they try a lot of different med’s and different therapies. Mental illnesses are to complex and to varied to fit into a box.


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