do the voices in your head have to be audible?

i was at the dr and i told her about the voices in my head and she asked me if they told me to do things but i didnt know how to answer (so i said no) cause i have 2 types of voices most of them are just mumbles,whispering and laughing but i dont hear actual words saying do things… idk exactly how to explain it but its like something is telling me to do stuff like break things and hit or kick ppl … its saying do it just not with words does that make since to anybody? does anybody else do that or just me? i havent been diagnosed with schizophrenia and im not %100 sure i am but do i have to hear voice commands (with words) to be diagnosed…and sorry if this stuff is hard to read cause im not good at talking or explaining things or typing

I have a voice that commands me without actually saying it; I just know what he says.
I wonder if it’s a form of intrusive thoughts…

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There’s two separate things: Doing what the voices tell you because of some unusual belief, or silently getting an intrusive thought which urges you to do something without words.

I’ve had both, but for me the intrusive thoughts were a side effect of medication and are gone. Normally I do not get them at all. I’m glad, because they can be so awful.

When I was suffering like this I’d call the emergency line for our county services board late at night when I was desperately burdened with these thoughts, and they got me in somewhere where we could change meds and it slowly faded. Make sure you stay in contact with your doctor :smiley:

Some schizophrenics never have and never will hear voices, but they get other symptoms like paranoia and thought insertion. You only need to fulfill a couple of like 5 requirements to be diagnosed as schizophrenic.

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I’ve been told voices in the head are demons

and voices in the ears are spirits

people will come up with anything.

hope you get help for this.

I’ve never had what your’e talking about.

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