Do the voices give you feelings

Do the voices give you feelings of what they say. Like they can say your on a space ship getting experimented by aliens and you can feel it like they give a vibe of that or they say the word cats and you could feel the cats


Yes but only when on nonworking meds and when unmedicated.

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Yeah. To me they do/did

They give me a reason to kick their asses.

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Lol me too 13131313

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I don’t hear voices, but I got thousands of past life memories. I guess it’s better…

Your lucky 13131313

Yes I’ve been electric shocked by them, one blew into my ear going shhhhhhhhhh! I felt the wind and noise cuz I was about to tell someone the secret information. They use to vibe or shock a spot on my head to tell me that was where there frequency was coming from.

It’s just hallucinations.

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