Do secret therapists exist?

Today I was randomly visited by a relative, he talked non stop like in a therapeutic way, he is trying me to go a day centre for mentally disabled. I am a little too suspicious, Im not sure if he is doing more harm or good, I am feeling really weird now. I think he may be a therapist in disguise. He finds a reason to visit me monthly and I think he is doing secret check ups


Maybe he cares. Be glad you have family around.

You could always try the day center and see if you like it.


I mean its not good if he makes me symptomatic

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Maybe social interactions make you symptomatic. Or do you only have it with him?

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The list of things that makes you symptomatic seems to be pretty extensive. You are lucky to have family checking on you.


I mean I don’t know, he is ill also, so that puts me off balance

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Yeah a lot of things make me symptomatic more or less, thats why I am trying to avoid all the triggers. I am not sure why I am so sensitive to everything, few years ago I could study at university and work

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Update, apparantly im being seen by a hypnotist

I agree with @Jonathan2 . It sounds like he has your best interests in mind and just doing his best to look out for you. Maybe he knows about your diagnosis and how hard it can be for people like us and is just encouraging you to see a professional who can help you better than he can.

Could also be likely he has some experience/qualifications in care but wants you to see someone who isn’t biased from knowing you personally.


But no one puts me in hypnosis, but he put me into hypnosis today, i am still hypnotized

Who told you he was a hypnotist?

If you were hypnotized you wouldn’t know that you were.

I feel I emtered a trance state while talking and was really relaxed after a conversation with some dizziness and exhaustion. I have talked with various people and he seems to use some covert hypnosis

You would know, there are symptoms like how it is performed and the state of being in trance

No, you wouldn’t. You’re just trying to make a connection between how you feel and some explanation.

What reason would he have to do such a thing?

How does it benefit him?

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You cant be hypnotized against your will.


I just read on the internet that you cant know at the moment is happening, but you might realize after and I experience all of symptoms being in trance. I think this covert therapy is being used to help me

Well I did not fight back

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I mean not in a way to control, I read it before posting from this site. I mean using conversational hypnosis for a therapeutic effect. I feel like everyone else describes hypnsosis: really focused and relaxed and this is hoe I feel right now which is really unusual for me

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