Do Schizotypals have symptoms at a young age?

I’ve been thinking more about what my new partial doc said about his doubt about my SzA diagnosis. I at least know that I’m severely bipolar 1, that’s a fact. I also know that I have psychosis, even when my mood is stable. But my psychosis is pretty mild, mostly thought insertion and thought broadcasting and paranoid suspicions of people plotting against me or being in on something and cameras being everywhere, as well as avolition, anhedonia, and concentration problems.

So I’ve been doing a lot of research recently, and was reading about Schizotypal Personality disorder. I found it very intriguing, especially as someone with social anxiety who always feels like everyone is in some type of prank or plot against me when I socialize. But I was confused on some things I couldn’t find an answer to.

If STPD is a personality disorder, do they have psychosis AND negative symptoms at a young age? The only delusion I had when I was very little was that my dad was sent by God and that he could read my thoughts and judge my conscience, he knew when I lied to him and stuff like that. Sometimes I had some thought broadcasting. But the thought insertion and fear that there are cameras everywhere and I’m being filmed and the world is in on something against me is all a new thing, it started to occur only 2 years ago. So maybe I did have some psychosis, but if Schizotypal is a more stable and static state of symptoms then it shouldn’t ever suddenly worsen and progress, right?

Also, the negative symptoms only started this February, but I’m not sure how much my antipsychotics played a part in it. But theoretically if I was Schizotypal, would I be anhedonic and amotivated my whole life? Because I used to be so motivated and had so much fun, that all started this year…


The symptoms of schizotypal personality disorder may begin in childhood or adolescence showing as a tendency toward solitary pursuit of activities, poor peer relationships, pronounced social anxiety, and underachievement in school. Other symptoms that may be present during the developmental years are hypersensitivity to criticism or correction, unusual use of language, odd thoughts, or bizarre fantasies. Children with these tendencies appear socially out-of-step with peers and often become the object of malicious teasing by their peers, which increases the feelings of isolation and social ineptness they feel. For a diagnosis of schizotypal personality disorder to be accurately made, there must also be the presence of at least four of the above-mentioned symptoms.

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I am not dxed schizotypal but have bolded the bits that would have appliedto me.

This could be me also @firemonkey

Do anti psychotics help this type of disorder?

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Low doses of an AP are often used though there is no official recomendation for their use.

Hm interesting, idk I was a good student in high school except when I was manic and stopped caring about school.

I’m definitely an introvert and have really bad social anxiety but lately I’ve been hanging out with friends more because this consummatory anhedonia makes introverted activities impossible. But normally id be content with playing video games all day by myself. The thing is though my relationships are good, like im very comfortable as long as I’m with the right ppl im comfortable with

I’m also VERY sensitive to criticism, I ruminate about it all day and feel like garbage

I’ve been thinking about this all day. Interesting.

Not exactly sure what this means. Does it mean you just have one thought on your mind. It would apply to me in that I only think about sports.

Oh I just looked it up and it means doing things alone. That would apply to me as well.

I was very much into solitary activities as a child and teenager.

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Schizotypals often become Schizoids when they get older, as they stop trying to be sociable.

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Thanks for the link, ive been reading about schizotypy to hopefully find some answers for myself. The main thing that makes me doubt me having it though is the social aspects of it. While I do have awful social anxiety, which is very much the product of both this paranoid fear of others trying to humiliate me AND a sense of inferiority, the thing is once I’m comfortable with someone it goes away. But from what I’ve read so far about schizotypy, this social anxiety usually persists, even with friends?

Also with friends, while I definitely have less than a normal person I’d say I have a good amount. Some of them are very close to me. But with schizotypy I wouldn’t really have close friends besides my family, right?

Man this stuff is so confusing, I just wanna know what I’m going through

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