Do schizophrenics keep disability it?

Im starting to feel better because of my perphenazine. I have been to jail so I don’t want to draw if I legally can be sent to jail for being able to work. I mean I can clean and stuff now, so I have a question. Because I’m reliant on meds to feel sane, if I file unemployment will I lose my insurance and disability? I mean it’s just now getting better s little but that’s a shakey foundation to go back to work and lose insurance since a hospital visits is 13,000 and I need to be able to pay for medicine to achieve this sanity. I slept in jail before, the mattresses are very hard and i can’t control whether I’m acting like a detective or not I might get stabbed in jail.

Im very insecure about living in disability insurance but I’ve got like 10 baker acts under my belt. Can I remain happy on disability because I know I should work but all the psychosis times scares me but that’s my goal I want to be an accountant, engineer or pharmacy tech but what happens if I go back to the ER, and can’t afford to pay for the medication. I have overwhelming guilt about now working. Should I switch to unemployment if I can now shower and sleep? I’ve tried 11 medications

TLDR do i file unemployment if I’m afraid cops are watching whether or not I can work

Moving to disability was a great move for me. I still volunteer my labour but having regular money without the stress is good for me. Our systems are different. In Australia it’s a lot harder to get disability now but I don’t regret getting mine…

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