Do psychological testing work if you're on medication

And therefore in touch with reality? Would it still diagnose conditions?

If you take psychological tests while on medication, the tests will reflect your condition while medicated and not your baseline condition.


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Is it likely that it won’t reflect a condition at all?

It depends on how much of an effect the drug has. If it doesn’t have any effect at all, then yes, it will reflect your disorder, but if the drug completely treats the disorder, then the test won’t reflect the disorder at all.


Is it common for the drug to completely cure a person?

Alas, no! But some symptoms are easier to treat, and some people respond better to medications.


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So for some people it might not show up?


On the other hand, some tests ask how you’re feeling (or functioning) now, others ask about your condition recently or usually, and some tests ask how you were before the disorder set in.


I’ve got a joke for you: This pdoc was giving his patient an ink blot test. The pdoc showed him the first blot and asked him what he saw. The patient said he saw a naked woman. Then the pdoc showed him another ink blot and asked the patient what he saw. The patient said he saw a man and a woman having sex. Then the pdoc showed the patient another ink blot and asked him what he saw. The patient said he saw a bunch of people having an orgy. Then the pdoc said, “You see something sexual in every picture I show you. You must have a dirty mind.” The patient answered, “Well, doc, you’re the one showing me dirty pictures.”


i think it’s hard to diagnose when you are on meds… usually they make the dx before you are on the meds huh… i don’t see why you would be on meds if they didn’t have a dx before.

I Had A Feeling Long, Long, Long, Many Moons Ago. That…, I Was A Test Specimen.

Much Longer Sun Warmth Pulses Than Swimming Pool Breath Currents. . .

I Kept My Eyes Peeled For Moments Of Connectivity. Much Before That Word Arrived At My Window.

I Was Always Baffled By The Mystery Of Entertainment. The Rainbow Of Emotions Puzzled Me.

Stories, That Were Like For Us Adults, Like Still Effortlessly Learning Children.

It Was A Complex Start. Herded Into The Guidelines Of Medical Pyramid Structures In Mythical.

Where The Life Feeling Of Freedom Prison Was A Mirror Of Mine Youthful Reality.

Still A Test Specimen I Felt. But!, Truly Wasn’t. Choices…, Decisions…, Pathes Endless.

No Breaking Point In My Nature Until The Universe Spoke To Me Silently.

All Lost.

All Gained. Quickly. And I Was Only Asleep. Years Of Searching. And It Was Already In Me.

Truth Be Told. We All Hold The Answers In Our Own Shells. We Weren’t Pushed. We Quietly Fell.

can apply to anyone.

most people don’t trust, or don’t care, what the findings are.

but if it’s to unlock a lifetime of being pent up, it’s helpful.
My aunt Karol says, We all had difficult childhoods.
Sometimes I agree with that,
but I’m big All my life, of where I got hurt.
it’s a poet’s thing, I think.

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