Do people with higher Intellectual abilities have more complex delusions?

I read other people difficulties/delusions here and they can be quite complicated and in-depth. I’m diagnosed with a intellectual disability and mine revolve around people being out to get me especially my pdoc and being implanted with a microchip in my left armpit.

Do people with higher Intellectual abilities have more complex delusions?
Do people with Intellectual disabilities have simpler delusions?


My delusions before I was medicated were just continuously evolving as I let them lead me down certain paths. It was crazy. They literally controlled me and I let them do it.

I ended up taking the Euro tunnel to Paris from London on the tunnel because I was hallucinating these extremists who were out to get to me. They used magic and the authorities could not detect them

Messed up big time. I used to be really clever at school until I got mixed up in drug gangs.

My intelligence is still there, but its existence is very complicated to explain.

I don’t know how I get by like I do, but I have retained enough of my brain so far to be pretty functional

Now I just ignore these things using the same reasoning that I use to dispel religious ideology


I don’t think it’s a competition. I sometimes rather have simpler delusions because they’re easier to solve and manage. I still haven’t figured mine out. Probably never will.

I think my delusions are simpler to some peoples but they have a obsessive element to them which complicate things.


I seem to get flagged here by a group of haters here especially when talking about my ‘delusions’. My last post had 3 likes. But people can post controversial and offensive things like that one thread up right now and no one bats an eye. I think it’s the Liberal toxicity on this forum. I’m outnumbered for sure. Some people that use this site are outright crazy and socialist/communist and have a lot of hate. It’s just the times. I see it in the news and in politics. People don’t have common sense here despite having schizophrenia. It’s not an excuse or cool. I don’t want this forum being shut down because of a couple of idiots/trolls or people who have no lack of restraint.

I know it’s not related.

But I was abducted in college and I don’t even know why and it’s completely censored here and everywhere I go. I’ve been watching GAIA TV and learned about weird ■■■■■■■ magic (wfm) and ■■■■ and the cabal and aliens and how they did this to me, but even if they told me the truth, I still wouldn’t understand why or agree to it.

This is not the forum, unless you want to talk about stupid stuff like “what I googled” or “I hate capitalists” now.


On a schizophrenia forum? Say it ain’t so! :stuck_out_tongue:


People don’t flag you because of some liberal agenda.

You post triggering ■■■■.

The same triggering ■■■■ over and over.

I’m not trying to be a jerk to you because, in a weird way, I like you here on the forum.

You have interesting ideas and you obviously are an intelligent guy.

But no one here is trying to censor you because of a bigger agenda.


Complex delusions are exactly that. Complex. Some of them are more complicated–and some of us just wish people could see what we can. I don’t know some people can tap into my conscious energy so I don’t believe that all of existence is inside a personal box–meaning that perspectives can change and not everything you believe in is a “delusion” its just not conformed with the social norms. A complex is a fixed belief that aren’t breakable often our own beliefs shape them and they evolve. Everyone has a complex, though. The so called social normal people have the very same complex identities like us–but are more likely to watch CNN and believe what the government tells them is true over thinking big picture or stepping outside the box. Einstein wasn’t normal and dropped out of high school. Not everyone is perfect–but sometimes its easier when a person whose been through episodes themselves can tell you that the consciousness of a schizophrenic is adaptive to the current social system. Maybe my delusions are more complex–of course my actual delusion is that there are only beliefs–and delusions are just beliefs that others don’t recognize as real–because the world is an illusion and the only way to see beyond the veil is to believe in a different perspective. Does not actually solidify any of our personal fears or beliefs, often the less fear-based are more likely to be true.

Im a truth seeker. I can handle uncomfortable truths.

My psychosis was complex. But I don’t know if that is result of intelligence or just a mind allowed to freely run wild for years

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I would swear someone put a 3 inch rock on my front lawn two days in a row.

I’m not saying this to put anyone down, but.
I think people with higher cognitive abilities are more adept at reasoning themselves out of the less complex delusions, so the delusions they do believe tend to become a bit more far-fetched before they lose the ability to logic themselves out of them.


You get flagged because this is a recovery oriented forum, and your delusional posts are in no way recovery oriented. You make no attempt to recover from your delusions and even actively admit to seeking out things that enforce them, like stupid conspiracy videos.

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What’s the link with grandiosity?

I believe I have just an average IQ.

But my delusions were incredibly complex, so I don’t really believe a more involved delusion has something to do with higher intelligence.

You probably get hated on / flagged a lot because you choose to indulge rather than seek help to recover from it.
Most people come to this forum here because they were looking for help.

Thanks for the feedback. To be fair, I don’t think I’m delusional about ‘something’ happening to me in college aka ‘how I ended up with schizophrenia’. I think it was deliberate. I watch or reinforce ideas per se because it clarifies and makes sense to me because I believe I was abducted by some aliens/military craft and in 2016 I saw them again. I got really sick in 2016 again.

I watch what I watch because I think it will help me understand or educate myself to what happened to me and why. I have missing time I think. Or memory loss/amnesia around the time I got schizophrenia in college.

When I first got sick, I thought I had a NDE or religious experience initially. Then I started questioning things because I never hallucinated or heard voices – ever. Nobody ever listened to me either including family or doctors. They all seemed fishy. Right out of the Truman Show, I guess. Even online.

By definition a delusion is something you believe in contrary to evidence. I do have some evidence though. I worry about my safety so I don’t know what else to say.

Maybe it was solely just aliens and not the government? I don’t know. Mine was very negative. Maybe I’ll never get the answers and help and closure I want. I told my dad money would be nice because I remember being taken from my room but I know that will never happen and I rather just be alone. I feel messed up and wronged and hurt and ■■■■■■ up in the head and left hanging. I can’t even function and I believe I got serious trauma.

I’m putting the pieces back together again. I’ve been wrong before, but I know I’m making progress in understanding things.

Regarding IQ and complex delusions. The average IQ or average intellect is 100. Mine is above that and my doctor said my paranoid delusions signified high intelligence although her estimate of my IQ was somewhat insulting. I don’t even trust her. She said she was the smartest or one of the smartest doctors from her country before she immigrated here. So there’s that…

I guess I could keep it chill and be cool and I think I have improved over the years being on this forum. I feel like I’m the only one that knows the truth.

I’m glad I am somewhat liked here and I am glad most people are cool. Thank you.


I fear big rock.


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