Do people walking slow make you irate?

Thats assuming they are not in your way. Just the thought of seeing someone take their time
Happened to me while I was walking.on the sidewalk. I don’t usually walk slow but this particular day I did. Guy passing by me says, “cmon”. why do people care?

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cos’ people are jerks :smiley:

When I’m in a hurry to get somewhere (usually when I’m late - and really its my fault for leaving late) - then I might get irate if someone is walking slow in front of me, or driving slow.

But - really its my fault for starting too late.

Lol, this is impossible isn’t it?

Just reflecting

maybe he was seeking out a fight? who knows? how did you react? did you say sometthing to him? walked faster or?

blaming yourself for the passing of time/matter is a bit over the top :smiley: shouldn’t be so hard on yourself

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