Do people think you're a psycho killer and they're trying to take you out?

Has anyone ever tried to take you out before?

no and no, and if you think so then you are probably delusional bc these thinks are very rare

and its only the media that portrays such a poor depiction of mental health and some films to,

people are scared but the shouldn’t be they should just treat it like one of those things that happens sometimes.

@dazedandconfused , you’re very ill. You need medication. When you’re ill you believe things that aren’t true.

Please avoid conspiracy websites that prey on ill people like you. I made the mistake of going to these websites when I was ill and I know what I’m talking about when I say to avoid them.

The only person who can help you is your doctor. We can’t help you.

Get on meds.


@dazedandconfused please stop spamming the forum with these questions, they are innapropriate and can be triggering.