Do people think i’m satan or lucifer

So does the average person think i’m satan or lucifer? My name is nicholas which is like saint nicholas or santa which is an anagram for satan. There is a book in the Left Behind series called Nicolae: Rise of the AntiChrist and there is the movie Little Nicky which is about a guy named Nick becoming the king of hell. Maybe I’m just looking for things… People on here say they don’t know me which is difficult for me to wrap my head around, but I’m trying to come to grips with reality and I don’t know what the truth is. Sorry to ask these questions like this. I feel like I am recovering it is just that I have been so far gone into psychosis and I have this giant networked web of delusions that has to be undone. This is one of them. I think every schizo male has thought they were satan so i know some people can relate to this thought process…

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Sorry to bother you guys about this but I need to know what the average person believes

The thought of you being satan has never crossed my mind.


No, satan/ lucifer/ santa/ little nicky etc are all imaginary characters. Yes they are real in the sense that they are a part of culture, but they are unreal in the sense that they have impossibilities about them that they could never exist. Nobody thinks you are any of these characters.


I’m not an average person. But I haven’t met you in real life and don’t know who you are.

I don’t believe in Lucifer or Satan but I think that talk about that is taboo on this forum.


You’re not Satan or Lucifer.
Trust me


Those are some kinda strong triggers. I can assure you though it’s coincidence and no one thinks you’re satan. You’re fine, people like you, at least on here. Oh and tons of people are named Nicholas of course. Some normal people get angry when you think you’re special, whether one way or the other. That’s my advice about normal people, is they wanna think that they are special, not you.


Among the many voices,
I have: Lucifer, PornoLouisa (Lucifer’s assistant
and representative)
and 27000 demons in one voice


I’ve never once had that cross my mind about you. Not because of your name or anything else about you. Don’t worry. It’s ok. No one thinks that about you


You’re right.

Sooo many mentally ill people think they’re satan.

All of them can’t be.

It’s just a common obsession/delusion.


You’re right, some of them must be run of the mill demons. They can’t all be the leader.

Just kidding of course.

No, I have never thought you were Satan or Lucifer, @crazydiamond444 . I just think you are a guy with some delusions that you struggle with still, like many on here.

Btw, I never thought I was Satan. I did however think that I was destined to kill Satan with an angel when I became God, so, tomato, tomaaato, on that one.


I believed/halfway still believe I’m the son of Lucifer. But deep down I know it’s not true. But it’s hard to break those connections. I have never thought of you in that way or believe you to be. Just bad connections.


Of course I don’t think you’re Satan or Lucifer.


@crazydiamond444, you most definitely, absolutely are NOT Satan or Lucifer. I can absolutely guarantee you that.:heart:


I honestly thought you were Napolean @crazydiamond444!!!


Seriously, I’ve never thought of you in this way, y’know, being El Diablo. You just seem like someone whose meds aren’t working well enough and I feel badly for that.

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Regarding connections like the ones you made, if you look enough, anyone will be able to believe anything If depending on connections.

My nickname name is Stina.

There’s a singer called Stina nordenatam. Wen ill I believed all her songs were linked to me. And also stina means anointed one :smirk: can u imagine my level of granduosity at the time? Stina is short for christina. I heard a messiah in my head… Hence Christina…which means follower of christ. Just trying to make my point that if you look enough, you can ‘proove’ anything via ‘connections’. Furthermore my first name means heart and my last name means block. So I believed that I had a beautiful heart but I was not opening my heart as a prophet and thus was destined for hell wen I die.

It can go on and on and on…


I don’t think you are, so my answer is no.

When psychotic I thought I was going to lead and win WW3.

Hey, I’m Nicholas and I’ve never thought I was satan and I never thought you were satan. All I know about you is what you write on here. I deduce you are a Pink Floyd fan.

I don’t know man. Probably not either of those although I think I’m Alexander Struck by Lightning (Alex Struckbe) muse to Andrew Bird and psychotic gangster in 2002. I don’t know. It was all covered up by my family.