Do people take you seriously?

Do people take you seriously during your symptoms? I feel some just think I’m funny. They’re not laughing with me but at me. Yeah I come across angry but people don’t want to take that seriously :rage: so it’s hard to stay angry :slightly_frowning_face::smiling_imp:

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Sometimes it seems I’m taken too seriously at the wrong times and vice versa. People laugh at things they don’t understand.

Remember your experiences are in your head. They don’t know exactly what you’re experiencing or how you feel. Don’t worry with what others think and say. Their opinion doesn’t effect you unless you believe it does


What I’m trying to say is sometimes when I’m angry people don’t take me seriously and it helps me calm down.

Yeah it does help. I knew what you were saying.

But sometimes it’s the opposite

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I just avoid people as much as possible. Except a few chosen ones.


If your psychotic it doesn’t matter what you say…it all just becomes part of your drama. If your exhibiting positive symptoms the smart people will engage with you as little as possible.

Yeah. I’m hypersenstive when I’m psychotic…I can’t understand why everyone isn’t listening to me and my delusions…or more importantly…why they don’t buy into what i’m saying!

It’s an interesting thing!

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Yeah I’m hilarious

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