Do people STEAL your attention and experience from you.? Pretend it's their own?

I wouldn’t mind my neighbor below constantly thinking about me except when I make one false move she’s right on it. So I am CONSTANTLY on the defensive. It’s so weird to be used while fully aware that it’s happening.

Yes it is. This reminds me of the night some passerby rolled me for four hundred dollars. We went out for drinks, me and this stranger to discuss the possibility of whether we could both be of some help to each other. I was at the time symptomatic and rather out of sorts. I knew the entire time in the back of my mind that I was being rolled. But I didn’t nor could I do anything about it other than go ahead with what I was doing.

It was like I was in zombie mode. Completely disconnected from my own rational thoughts, which were still there but not getting the signal to the right part of my brain apparently

I felt like a complete and utter fool coming home that night.

Been there. Not for that much though.

Nick, do you mind if I ask for some examples of how you’re being taken advantage of, or used?


I have people that try and claim my memories for some reason.

They get pissed when i call them on it, i don’t know why.

Monkey vampires i guess.

Just people trying to scare me. Making me mad and agitated until I drop my guard and then they stomp across the floor. That’s a very specific problem. For four years.

Is there any way you can get a place on the 2nd or 3rd floor of your building?