Do people growing up helping someone w skitzo take meds?

My mom has schizophrenia and while i never heard nuthin, i do over think. I don’t have unreal thoughts (i know that’s what,they,say) but I just worry when my mom leaves, you know nomal ■■■■. But I feel,like with so much stress and ■■■■, it will eventually cave me in and i,read,all over that someone’s offspring have,a,better,chance of getting the,illness.

When people who are sick but like me have helped my mom during,times,when,shd,heard,“god”, does,this make,it,easier? Will i be,more for,medicine? (I am now) or will the crazy thoughts just take over before its too late.

When should you take the medicine.? Do yoy wait till you hear stuff? I don’t want that to happen. Its like a hell i can only imagine. What are the signs in people Prior to hearing stuff and,bad thoughts ?

There is a lot of info available to prevent the onset of psychosis and what signs to watch for. Stay away from drugs. Learn to recognize delusions. Keep yourself grounded. If these things become difficult or your start hallucinating then get your self to a doctor.

You aware your at risk now all you have to do is learn about the illness.

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It’s safe to say I’ve got it atleASt IN early stages.
I have been reading and,symptoms match my life almost

Why did you choose your user name?

Get to a doc and get evaluated. Learn how to manage your life. Meds are sure fire way to prevent the development of psychosis. Careful which drugs you choose side effects.

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Very randomness. No real,reason

Knowing what my mom has dealt with has,helped me become stronger I feel but I feel im eventually gonna crush under,all this pressure so yeah i need meds lol

I’m sure a psych will help you out.

I grew up with a brother with bp and it made me determined not to end up like him.

So I went into therapy, took medication, avoided drugs and alcohol, worked hard on myself, got a job and built a better life. Everything that I was supposed to do. And I enjoy a better life than him.

If you feel that your suffering some of the same symptoms please talk to a professional.

There are so many news articles in this forum that talk about how early detection can help you avoid major episodes and set backs.

If you need meds… that would be something for both you and your doc to decide. I do take meds… they help stabilize my mood… help me slow down the wheel in my head… help me keep the panic attacks and paranoia spikes away… so I can keep my job… keep my life… and heal my mind.

Yes… I am now pro med. But there are other options… but they need to be discussed with a professional.

good luck and hope all goes well and you get the answers you need before you feel yourself slipping further.

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I agree with @SurprisedJ , it’s best to talk to a professional. I grew up with a father who suffered from SZA, a brother who is bipolar and a mother who is clinically depressed. When i first got sick i didn’t recognize i was sick until i was admitted to the inpatient unit at a local behavioral hospital.