Do people buy art?

Mine is obviously not portraits but just patterns. do you think people buy these things?


Yes, assuredly. I can’t remember the name, but there’s a pretty successful artist on youtube that shows sketchbooks of his art, which is mainly black and white patterns. Designs afficionados (like my mother) adore that kind of things. If you want to have a broader audience, consider selling them as literal commercial patterns (phone cases, t shirts… even to big companies). If it’s to sell them as patterns, be careful about theft and copyright tho.
Edit: for copyright, be wary also about big companies. In the pattern industry, my mother told me the story of a friend of hers, a wallpaper designer who couldn’t make a buck. He didn’t know why, until he realised that all the couture business he showed his designs to just plagiarised them without giving him the contract. After getting copyright issues in order, he went on to make quite some money.


Take sample pictures with sample edited on the top layer in bold big letters all over the sample…

solid advice about doing cell phone cases and such. Thats genius…


maybe, if its good enough but everybody has different tastes, you cant please everyone lol

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Yes, people do buy art. They just don’t buy mine. I’m a failed composer. That’s why I’m focusing on learning to play my instrument nowadays.

Go to an art show in the park. So many styles of art.

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yes people buy art it helps to have a showing or sometimes word of mouth. Maybe even bring your finished work to stores that might like to sell them?

I went to an art show a few years ago and bought a piece.

Yeah my Dad sells his art (not me) sometimes. He used to have a lot of people come ask him to make stuff but now people are poor and don’t have that kind of cash.

yeah Etsy has a lot of art people buy. Sometimes these types of art are sold so cheaply, it is not worth the hassle.
I sell art for 6$ digital copies, they don’t sell a lot.

You really need to figure out a way to commercialize your art. Make things that are very trendy and cheap.

yes they do but art

buy art 15151515

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