Do people accuse you of being a stalking them a lot like me?

It seems like everywhere I go I am being accused of making people uncomfortable and “stalking” them

Do they actually say that you are stalking them. Everyone always used to say that I was too aloof and didn’t talk enough. No matter how hard I tried to talk more with them. So I think no one has ever accused me of stalking to my face.

No, nobody accuses me of that. When was the last time you saw a doctor?

I agree @dazedandconfused your posts make me worry about you.

They might have been just trying to hurt my feelings, but it’s been a regular theme for me being accused of creeping on others, but I am quiet and to myself all the time and it is scaring me…

Maybe you have an aversion to seeing a pdoc. In the very least if you see a therapist you can talk about them about your issues. Then they can go over stuff like CBT that can help you. You want to feel better right. That is a step in that direction.

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