Do pdocs not care about diagnosis

A pdoc i saw yesterday said to me that it depends who you ask and how you present at the time with symptoms … that’s why I have had so many dx’s. So looks like he doesn’t care about the diagnosis…

If I am honest, I just want someone to tell me I have depression or somethign so I can stop taking the antipsychotic, but I will always need this medication.

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Pdocs like to use there own training and intuitive observations. They will take it as a suggestion, but will come to there own opinions.

It’s not that he doesn’t care, it’s that they want to give you the best care of your symptoms as they see it.

Sometimes diagnosis is an umbrella. If you’re SZ or SZA, it’s expected you have anxiety and depression stemming from that.

What’s most important is the medications effectiveness. If the antipsychotics help you, then that lends evidence to their diagnosis.


He also said the anti psychotic can function as a mood stabilizer and help with depression and anxiety, so it basically is a med that’s supposed treat all symptoms in one go… So it’s hard to tell how it’s helping and what it’s helping with

If you take the meds the diagnosis doesn’t matter.

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I feel my AP helps with all of those symptoms too.

I like to look at it as such. “How bad could it have been without the meds”.

The meds help stop things even before they’ve started, so it’s harder to judge from self observations.

Even input from those close to you about how you act on or off of the meds can help will in somethings you may not see.


I’m not saying that you are weird personally but it’s pretty weird that you can’t get a diagnosis after all these years. You would think any doctor you’ve had for the last couple years with any common sense would see how long you’ve been without a diagnosis and make it a point to give you one, once and for all.

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You’re thinking in circles. They test your symptoms. Diagnosis is a reference point.

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