Do past friends piss you off?

I have some friends like my best friend become Drs, cardiologist. Another is a neurosurgeon, both arabic (lebanese) like me. I was better than them in school before my sz. It pisses me off. Why don’t they have schizophrenia like me?

Just went on fb and saw one of my friends in university (physiotherapy) just also got her nutrition bachelor, she’s now a certified nutritionist and a certified physiotherapist. Her picture holding her certification is supposed to make me happy but I am pissed af.

She’s lucky to not have schizophrenia. Life is unfair. My grades were higher than her in some courses like physiology and biomechanics. Her and her friend told me their grades.


Schizophrenia made me stupid!

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I understand how you feel.

Someone I studied with is now a Journalist and Broadcast host for Sky News, which is a major news network in the UK

When I found out I felt really bad that I had not progressed into specialist education at Masters level and above.

So much wasted potential.

I am happy with what I am doing now with Landscaping, but I do wonder if I had been given a fair chance of competing I would have been able to do something cool like being a journalist.


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One professor ounce told life is not fair but remember their lives might be as great as you think. Just be happy that your alive and well.


I feel that sz made me stupid. My psychiatrist told me that sz reduces working memory and concentration but it also reduces social and emotional intelligence!

no not really, i dont look them up or anything. we had our good times and now i am a hermit. i couldn’t deal with social pressure anyways to be social. i’ve moved on from old relationships, but think of them fondly for tolerating my craziness. my friends are not that successful, but a couple became lawyers, and one is a high school history teacher and football coach.

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My ASD has made me like that my whole life. I guess I can’t mourn that if it got any worse, as I’d barely notice as it has been ongoing my whole life.

I am a heavy smoker and drink a lot of coffee. I think this must make a difference having these stimulants.

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Should I unfriend all my friends?

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I dont really care what other people are doing. its a waste of time to think jealous of them. Better to put that energy towards doing something even if its small.

But i would like to win lottery so i can just sleep lol


Facebook. I’m so glad I’m not on it.

But I’ll never be 100% over the fact that I failed to get my degree and everyone else in my class did ! :joy:

It will always rankle me a bit.

I’m 99% over it now though.


just my 2cents. but i dont think you should. unless it’s causing you more mental health problems like anger or depression seeing their success. it’s up to you, but think of the good times together. just try not to take it personal and realize you have a lot of life in front of you.

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But I was smarter than them before my sz. Thats what pisses me off. If they were smarter than me before my sz I wouldn’t care about it.

it is never late to complete your studies. why exactly can’t you do it? have you any reasonable reason?


I don’t know what life as I have no life staying in my bed all day everyday for years.

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I can’t get out of bed anymore on antipsychotics. I stay in bed 90% of my time.

sorry about that, the negatives can be a burden. im in your corner, and i have hope for you. maybe a weaker med like you said would help. please don’t lose hope. you still have your family and your brothers and us here.

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what food do you eat?

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Thanks @Lifer 15

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Healthy food except for chocolate sometimes. I eat the same as before my sz just more as I eat out of boredom.

Well i made more money than my friends did for quite a time when i was younger and i only worked like 6 months out of the year, and now i dont.
I could mope about that change in my life but instead i choose to try and make things work even if its reduced for my wellbeing.

I think if you can cope with the change you can figure something out

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