Do others value less because of sz?

do others value less because of sz?

I’m sure some others value me less because of my condition. That’s just how the world is, unfortunately. I don’t worry about it, though, because my value doesn’t come from others’ opinions of me.


I am god. like a god. Why should I care what others think?


Yes I think so particularly if they know

Oh yesssss … definitely.
The doctors and ER workers treated me like sh*t when they found out about my Schizoaffective diagnosis.
It was truly an awful experience!

rising above is d key

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Without a doubt, not that I care though.

you don’t know the hafe of it…most are uncare fools

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“Don’t you see how you look to us saying the things you do?”
“And why shouldn’t it be that you should be the one to worry how you look to me?”

seriously, you shouldn’t hide your illness. You have to try to make people respect you the way you are

And saying what I did… makes it so.

And if I have to “make” people respect me, then I consider that highly disrespectful and degrading. Kind of goes both ways?

I was joking about the god thing, but I believe you shouldn’t bother yourself too much thinking " what others make of me?“
You need to have better self confidence. If you are self confident you don’t worry about crap like " what do they think of me?”

I completely agree.

I feel that the world values sz/sza people less, yes. And that is most unfortunate. I think the reason why they are valued less is because a large percentage of sz/sza’s don’t work jobs, 85% of them do not, and because of that, they are nonproductive and a liability to society. I feel that I am valued less by society because I do not work and I collect monies and services from the government. But, I don’t feel completely valueless because I feel that God values me very highly. And that gives me a lot of self worth.

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I’m so sorry. That could have been your perception.

We should see ourselves as the others. We are absolutely the same as the others, but we have a different challenge which is schizophrenia.

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