Do normal people understand us?

Can or do offer a olive branch?


I found most people prefer to avoid what they don’t understand


I agree

but its not our fault

across all areas of life

for them not to likes us

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Mom said one time we love you just don’t love what you do dad said how can we trust you when you don’t have trust in yourself my uncle said I can’t make sense how can I make sense of you School school teacher said things working spite of you not for you and the best one of all was for my doctor do you know you have schizophrenia


Normals have a capability of looking at one thing one way schizophrenia has more ways of looking at things than most common people therefore the two collide


Normies understand what they don’t like.

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No. Which is why I keep it to myself. No one knows, and we’re all at peace.


I tolerate certain “normal” people but I don’t fully understand them!

They probably don’t fully understand me but that’s ok.

I don’t wear my illness on my sleeve.

It’s really no one’s business.


It’s always darkest before the dawn

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Normal people do not understand schizophrenics so normal people would avoid schizophrenics.

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i like olives :partying_face:

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do they want an olive branch from us with sz or do the normies wish us to disappear instead?


Hmm. . .

Feel Special?. Feel Blue?. Feel Lost?. Gone, The I In You?. Normal. Normal… Normal… What Is?.

â– â– â– â–  no every time I have a breakdown my friend looks at me funny like you alright? Mfer I just shaved my head from lunacy but I gave myself a pretty decent haircut :sweat_smile:

I don’t understand “normal people”

They’re just trying to survive like we are.

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To be honest I see the good and bad side of normal people

They’re on a spectrum like we are, but I think our sat nav’s are pointing in different directions sometimes

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Too many dishonest people, just want to feel superior to certain people regardless if they really are.

Normal people do not understand us schizophrenics because like all other medical diseases, you only know what a patient goes through until you go through the disease yourself. Medical professionals such as doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists and nurses etc. are an exception since they are educated, trained and deal with medical patients of their specialty medical field.


I only tell people if I have to explain my actions or weird behavior

Usually its only with people I hang out with a lot, and catch me on a bad day

One time told my old roommate that I kept hearing flushing noises over and over day in day out and I was about to go to the neighbors and tell them to stop eating sht food so their sht wont clog the damn pipes

He said what flushing noise lol. When I insisted and got a lil weird and wild he was like wtf man and kinda treated me different fromt then on

Can never predict how people react even if they seem cool. Normal people have preconceptions about how psychotic people are and will act accordingly

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