Do normal people feel this?

Do normal people have to force themselves to get dressed and go out - even to nice places like flea market? To paint and write? To work? To clean the house? To brush their teeth? To pray? To have sex? To socialise?

Or is it just mentally ill who struggle with this?

I wanted to go to flea market today. It was a lovely sunny day and it was calling me to go out. And I wanted a teal turban cap.

But I struggled to get going. Its like i was paralysed mentally or something. I had to force myself to get to my cupboard and get dressed.

But eventually I did go - and I got that teal cap. I’m wearing it right now :blush:

Why oh why do I have to struggle even with basic things normal people take for granted??


Sounds like some anxiety to me. I find getting going to be the hardest part.

yes normal people struggle with this too

My first guess is because you have schizophrenia.

You’re not the only one.


No. Not really.

I think mentally healthy people don’t struggle like that. But not very many people are truly mentally healthy

Normal people have issues, …I mean if someone yells at them they get mad…they may get tired etc…when I was mentally healthy I still had a hard time organizing things, was shy, had issues…I just didn’t hallucinate, have bad mood swings and have paranoia…

Its negative symptoms of sz. I am the same, I see my brothers having an easy full life. I am the complete opposite.

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My brothers look at my life from the outside and think I had an easy life compared to them. I don’t think so . . .


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