Do mentally ill people complain less?

Don’t get me wrong, we complain. But I feel we are more numb to pain/used to hardship.

My friend gets this shot in the gluteus maximus every month for heroin use. They call it vivitrol. And then every single month he gets it done he complains for days about it…how it hurts, how it hurt when he got it.

Then one time I was like “I get a shot every month too.” He looked at me all confused.

Honestly it hurts like a B right now, and when I got it, it hurt even more. But it’s no big deal. It’s better than psychosis.

Just frustrating, I feel he complains a lot. And other people who get vivitrol shots complain a lot too about it. It’s like, you did this to yourself…I didn’t choose to have psychosis, you chose to do heroin.

Sorry for my recent rants against heroin users…

He always thinks his struggles and hardships are unique when he talks about them. Problem.

I just know that I’ve already got enough negative going on in my head without letting it out into my surrounding environment as well.



My mom tells me stories of past illnesses when I didn’t complain at all and they got worse, like a bronquites or a terrible flu where I got to take penicilin shots and everything.

Idk about heroin addicts, the ones I know about hardly talk about it. My cousin is a cocaine addict and she only complains when shes hospitalized. Then she goes back to her ways.

Everybody is different, maybe your friend is just a complaint kind of guy.

But I get you, I don’t feel pitty anymore when it comes to drug use, it’s a choice. Cocaine and heroine are so addictive, people know this. It’s a choice.

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When I lived in the sober house all the heroin addicts were big time complainers. So was I but theres sounded a little more girlish (no offense), they would complain about the pettiest things, like getting a shot or something. I would just want to scream. I was on 15 mg of abilify at the time (25 now) and ran away twice. But they let me back in which I’m grateful for. I would more keep the things to myself, or my mom. My anxiety was so bad, they didn’t let me have klonopin the first week after being on it for a while and I had constant panic attacks. Idk my neighbor is just a complainer though i think you’re right. His life is relatively pain-free but he complains a lot. Not saying it’s easy for him but he’s lucky in life to be as functional as he is.

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I think some people are born complainers and others aren’t. I know someone who complains about everything to anybody who will listen.

I think you’ve made a good point though.

But it’s also possible we complain less as we get less sympathy in real life.

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Very good point everhopeful I agree we’re not used to sympathy so we don’t play that card as much.

I complain way more on this board than IRL.

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We probably do complain less. We’re in a hole looking to climb our way out. These people still have freedom of conscience because it hasn’t been robbed of them.

Yes, in the grand story of life on Earth, there are some major & minor characters, and then there are people that just aren’t characters at all - too weak in character to be part of the narrative.

Who knows if people with SZ complain more than others-
no one listens to someone with SZ.

I think we complai less

I complain pretty much all of the time, and i am mentally ill - I get irritable often, so complaints and irritabilty go hand in hand.

I used to complain all the ■■■■■■■ time. People got annoyed. I don’t do that as much anymore.

I used to think psychologists taught us to complain. And then they complained that we whined. Since they seem to be going out the door, maybe things are getting better now.