Do men look down on women who do not have amazing careers/professions?

I have not considered myself as not successful or average or inadequate for any guy at all. You are more than good enough, always remember that and ignore people who do not value your qualities.

Baking is very artistic. And it is more than amazing job/career. Believe in yourself and do not think less.

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Not necessarily. It’s more money. That doesn’t make the person a better person.


Maybe because she is beautiful, intelligent and compassionate? :slight_smile:

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That’s very idealistic but I’m not sure it is like that in the real world. People experience status anxiety when they associate with those of lower standing than themselves ie. a doctor would not marry the cleaner. He might marry another doctor IMO. It’s elitist but it’s true.

Funny you say that, “real world”.

That is the very much the opposite of what it is (from what you say it is) which is: fake.

If the only thing people see in other people is status then…

God help us all…


I hope you’re right but I am a skeptic. I just think a man is likely to choose the woman with a serious/great profession over a woman who is a waitress, shop assistant, barista etc. The world has changed given women’s lib and men have changed and adapted alongside it. And I worry about it because I don’t really feel up to anything super demanding and stressful as I imagine being a doctor, teacher, lawyer, executive to be.

This ‘status anxiety’ may be simply one of the many things one takes into account before marrying someone.

I read a study that suggested that people experience status anxiety re: associating with those of a lower standing than themselves. They can feel embarrassed or even worry about how they will be perceived relative to such a person. I work in a bakery but I’m not a pastry chef. I do quite a bit of baking but really I am an operative. I’m worried the men I date will judge me because I guess I am not a high status woman. I do not have the dignity and respect that comes from the professions. A man is likely to favour a doctor or teacher or exec right over someone of a humble and lowly occupation such as myself? I know I am being stupid and worrying about these things…

Being a baker is awesome and pretty cute,

You should be proud of your job.

It seems to me that you feel insecure about it and are projecting.

The kind of men that are going to be judgmental about your job are not the kind of dudes you want to date,

Besides, everyone loves baked goods,

If anything you’ll be garnering more attention.


What men are imagining when you tell them you’re a baker:



Maybe. I’m not so sure that is true though…

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Its 100% true,

You’re being hard on yourself unnecessarily.

You should try doing positive self affirmations,

They really help with insecurities and self esteem.

@Diana_Ross7 I would think it’s different for all people male and female what they look for in a mate, for different reasons. I would hope for you you find someone who likes you for being you.

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all that matters to guys is looks most of the time. some men want a social equal, but remember life isnt a competition (most people often forget unfortunately). sometimes love can be indiscriminate. more often than not people meet each other through work or school, where we are arranged usually according to rank. because of this we often end up getting involved with people who are on the same level. this is my limited understanding.

It depends on the kind of man you are dating. If his ego prevents him from lowering his standards to a cleaner or bakery assistant you are much better off without him, believe me. Yes, there are some guys and girls out there who are all about social status. Status this, status that; Their car has to be this model, their house has to here not there, one has to be of this circle of socialites, ad nauseum.

I merged your two identical discussions. In the future, please don’t open several threads about the same topic.


@Diana_Ross7. Perhaps rather than worrying so much about what others think, you might rather invest that time and energy in figuring out what you think and what your needs are and what would give you satisfaction and contentment in life.


I can’t speak for other guys, but for me it’d mostly be personal attraction, which is a mix of a personality I find agreeable, and physical attraction. Personality is most important, though, because that usually stays consistent. Women don’t wake up in the morning with perfect hair and makeup.

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