Do meds make one worse over time?

I’m wondering if they make one worse over time, like if they were indicated for something eg aggression, then does taking them over time make one more aggressive/ill? Like if I never took meds would I have been ok compared to having taken so much and over time I got worse because I took more meds? I started out with one now I’m taking four. Why am I taking more? Are they making me worse or what?

Sometimes I feel like running away, literally run out of house and live on street and stop my meds and cut my hair off and start totally afresh… I just have this urge to start afresh, including my mind

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No, I don’t think so, if you’re getting worse its probably your sz or that your meds arent working properly.


I do respond to meds but I need more and more over time. Am I med resistant then or just getting worse? I have a suspicion that my sza gotten worse over time. I have seen some serious symptoms pop up off even one med and I take 4

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It’s a pretty common schizophrenic thing to do. I did it. Countless other szs have done it.

I’ve been on medication 6 years and I’m symptom free. Some people are treatment resistant, I don’t think the meds actually make them worse unless they stop taking them or are taking them not as prescribed.


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