Do meds get less effective over time?

I’m asking because when I resumed meds in 2013 after my relapse, I coped well on amisulpride alone.

But then two years later I needed olanzapine as well. Then I coped ok for a few years

Then last year needed to go on lamotrigine as well. Coped well.

Now I am needing an increase in lamotrigine.

So does that mean I’m going to need more and more meds over time?

Or is it just that my sza is getting worse?

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I’m not sure. Meds only help me with certain things. I usually need the highest dose of medicine, except for now since I’m taking loxapine. I told my pdoc I can’t handle a higher dose.

I think the term you are looking for is ‘antipsychotic tolerance.’


This is interesting. I always thought that the meds controlled the sz symptoms and therefore stifled it from overpowering the brain into creating a tolerance building or work around because it targets the very cause. That’s not true now I realise because the condition is after all medically considered incurable.

Looks like. I should expect a psychotic breakdown rather than living as though or with the expectation that I am going to be okay. Because given off what you have stated and also what I have seen elsewhere now that I think about it. Psychotic breaks can happen regardless of how well you deal with stress it seems? Because the brain can backfire at a moments notice if the cause of sz wants it to happen it seems.

I don’t know what to think about it all now. Bit worried. Bit deflating. Unfortunate situation we are all in… very unfortunate or difficult condition for us all to be fighting/coping/experiencing. :sob:

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I’m hoping I don’t have another serious break.

I’ve had bleed through symptoms and then subsequently raised my dose.

It took 5 years before I needed the dose increase so hopefully I last longer on this slightly higher dose, and maybe kick on another 5 years.

I think its probably likely that I’ll need to look out for symptoms and I may have a psychotic break even with medication, but I don’t think its likely. I think if you’re well treated on your medication the likely hood of a break is going to be lower. When you start having bleed through problems maybe then you should be concerned.

Please bring up your concerns with your care provider, I had it explained to me a bit, and I stopped worrying about it so much. Please have a sit down, and ask questions about situations like this etc. you might get some stress relief.

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