Do loners live longer lives

What do yout think?.,.,.,.

Stupid question… Sorryq

I don’t know. It’s not a dumb question. I doubt anyone here will know thee answer.

I’m guessing it doesn’t really correlate, unless will to live is a factor, but that would still vary.

apparently people that stay single their whole lives die younger than those that got married and stayed married. :disappointed:

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yes it is a scientific fact that loners live forever and never die like im no joke

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When I was in a relationship it caused me a lot of stress and my symptoms acted up…So I think it depends on the individual.

Although if I met the right girl I think it would extend my life because the burden of finding a mate would be lifted off my back.

So for me, it depends on who is the mate I reckon.

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Men who never marry have the shortest life spans. Women who never marry have the longest. I would think that because humans are social animals those who socialize most easily would tend to live longer.

How would one know when a loner dies?
One has a better chance of survival (when something goes wrong) if your out in public.

I sure hope not!! Im marking off the days looking to check out, im not suicidal I just think that what comes later HAS to be better than this.

The screwed up thing is I avoid stress by avoiding people so Im inadvertently prolonging my life.

That’s interesting - it’s kind of like a study I read once about sleep, that men sleep better when sharing a bed with a woman, but women sleep worse when sharing a bed with a man.

Oh yea I forgot to mention that the oldest twins in the world are like 102 or something and their advice is to drink a glass of wine a day and avoid women LOL seriously that’s what they said.

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It really depends on the loner. I like to think I’m in this for the long haul - living the maximum possible amount of life given my genetics.

There are several men & women who have made it into their 100’s without a life partner.

I don’t mean to sound like a jerk but I think that alot of people who actively try to prolong their lives don’t know what they are doing.

My grandma never smoked,drank,or did anything unhealthy (presumably) and she lived on a diet consisting mainly of fish so she lived to be old enough to spend about a year and a half in a nursing home in constant pain she cried constantly and the docs said that caused dehydration which contributed to her death.

something, I really don’t want to find out.

if a tree falls in a :deciduous_tree: forest…do you hear it fall ?
it is not how long you live…but how you live…
take care :alien:


I can’t answer that from personal experience.

I’ve heard a component to living longer is having close friendships. But that’s just one aspect.

It’s one of those 15 signs.

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It probably also depends on the relationship and how positive it is.

On average I’ve seen research that people in relationships or at least close friends - live longer.

But those are always just averages. It ultimately depends on the person and how he lives his life, what he eats, etc.


Depends on a lot of disciplines and such but most likely more genetics.

If you don’t harm yourself I’d say it depends on your grandparents…a causal link to longevity.

Still a pretty dumb question. I’d say we’re more genetic than environmental…that is a no brainer.

Till you hit that tipping point but if our species survives to maturity it’ll be nano machines and targeted medications that keep you living way longer…still a lot to learn though!

We statistically live longer but our minds are bunk with alzhiemers and dementia…till we cure that why live so long!

A friend in the struggle,


You can’t have loners without reolns.

You know what i mean?